Mike's Bikes Saint Louis

We have been custom building bicycles to match our clients personality and style in the Saint Louis area for over 5 years.

We believe you should love your bicycle and be comfortable while riding, this is why we custom fit each riders bicycle to their size specifications.

At Mike's Bikes Saint Louis we offer superb Bicycle service to all types of cyclists, including commuters, racers, and recreational riders. Our staff is passionate about cycling and the community surrounding it. Mike's Bikes Saint Louis seeks to be innovative with store design, product development, and a comprehensive selection of goods and services.

Many of our customers view their bike as a form of artistic expression. Cycling should be fun and the store should reflect that fun. Mike's Bikes Saint Louis offers colorful parts, messenger bags, and apparel, as well as personal adaptations to help a rider feel closer to their bicycle. Being comfortable on your bike promotes usage and safety. Creativity fosters an atmosphere of growth for both customers and employees. Producing bikes, fixing bikes, and encouraging cycling is all part of the business.